FIFTH RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AWARD FOR INTERCULTURALITY “INCA DE LA VEGA” NATUREThe Intercultural University Chair “Córdoba Meeting Place” has, among others, the function of joining academic knowledge and social commitment. The aim of the call of this award is to promote the development of innovation and research on the field of the respect to diversity. Its aim is to spread and foster the implementation of policies of intercultural character as an inalienable human right. Taking into account that the interculturality on its diverse manifestations (education, creativity, critic knowledge, diversity, memory, rituality) represents values which are very important for democracy and citizenship, for cohesion and the decreasement of social exclusion, to implement peace and ensure equality and cohabitation, this award has different modalities and two aims. Firstly, it means the public recognition of the activities and experiences developed by people and institutions, which affirmed their commitment to the right to diversity and foster the intercultural dialogue as a contribution to cooperation and development of people from different races, cultures and religions. Secondly, it has an excellence character and it awards economically the best researching work on interculturality, within some of the thematic central concepts around which the Award is structured. Two awards of FIVE HUNDRED EUROS are set, which correspond to the research and innovative work. This amount is subject to the corresponding tax withholdings. REQUIREMENTS FIRST:Participants/Addressees1. The research modality: the papers presented and selected must deal their content from an intercultural perspective. Previously published or partly published papers cannot be presented (See Appendix) 2. The innovative modality: natural people or legal entities, public or private institutions, societies and companies whose work is related to any of the proposed thematic central concepts, according to the appointed Academic Comission. Previously published or partly published papers cannot be presented (See Appendix) SECOND:Four thematic main concepts: (a) inclusive education, (b) plurilingualism. (c) ethic tourism and (d) citizenship and gender. Papers based on each of them within the following modalities: 

  • (a) Modality of research and scientific dissemintation, in defense of diversity and recognition of the intercultural reality.
  • (b) Modality of innovation on the action taken: for instance, papers in support of the social cohesion dealing with marginal groups or in risk of exclusion; or information modality and awareness, with works that participate in the development and propagation of programs and/or didactic material with pedagogical aims and to raise social awareness related to interculturality.

 THIRDPapers must be presented on the general registry of the “Cátedra InterculturalCordoba Meeting Place”, or sent by post to the following address: Edificio “Pedro López de Alba”. C/ Alfonso XIII, nº 13. 14071 Córdoba (España). They can also be sent online to: Contact telephone:  957 212219/61. Those sent by ordinary post must be certified and the date on the seal will be submittal date. FOURTHThe deadline for submitting entries will be 30 April 2016, at 14.00 h. FIFTHThe Academic Comission will be formed by five members: The Director of the University Chair, four people appointed by the University Chair working as coordinators of each of the different sections of this call. Their decision is unappealable and they could remain unawarded. SIXTHThe awards “RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR INTERCULTURALITY” are the first on both versions as well as the number of finalists or secondary awards, determined by the Academic Comission, on the basis of the number and quality of the papers presented on this call. Furthermore, all the papers selected will be published on a CD with their ISBN and Legal Deposit numbers. In case of any of the modalities remained unawarded, the awards are not cumulative. SEVENTHThe papers will be identified only with the title. On a closed envelope the name, surnames, address, phone(s), e-mail address and a short CV of the author will be attached. On the external part of the envelope only the title of the paper will be written. DOCUMENTS TO BE PRESENTED1. Application form correctly completed.

  • Presentation of the paper.
  • Statement on the originality of the paper, and its no previous publication.
  • Personal data attached in an enclosed envelope.

 2. The original papers will be presented in triplicate, on DIN A4 size, TIMES NEW ROMAN size 12, perfectly bound. A copy will be sent online with a key Word.  DOCUMENTS


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